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¿Quieres mejorara tu inglés antes de tu próximo gran paso?,
¿Te has dado cuenta de lo que saber inglés te puede aportar tanto a nivel profesional como personal, pero no tienes tiempo o la determinación necesaria para hacerlo? ¿te apetece hacerlo de una forma divertida y rápida? ¡Este es tu blog!
La idea es aprender inglés a través de series, películas, vídeos, charlas, canciones y pequeños documentos teóricos que a mí me han ayudado a aclarar dudas comunes. Sin más, espero que os sea de ayude y disfrutéis. Un saludo!

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miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Dear me, a letter to my pre-expat self.

If you could send a letter to your younger self, what words of guidance, comfort, advice or other message would you put in it?

A few days ago I read this article about a book gathering fiction letters written by famous people to their 16-years-old selves telling them what they consider they should know, trying of course not to spoil the forthcoming surprises.

Dear pre-expat me,

first of all, stop packing all your "ifs and buts" in your luggage. England is not the Kalahari desert, you can find everything you need in here, sometimes even cheaper. So stop panicking about what you can fit in the suitcase or it won´t make it trough the airport!

Don´t make a big fuss about that goodbye moment, it´s totally a "see you later". It´s not like we are in the 50´s anymore. Ryanair is there for you anytime and we both now you´ll need to pop in Spain at least once every three months or so to cope with the "English Experience". Let´s say it won´t be a rose garden.

Also you will find plenty of Spanish people in your same situation. I don´t get that "Lost Generation" tag, we are literally everywhere! 
So you´ll be able to share with them your worries over a pint. Just take care with the quantities! Two of them is already a litre! And NO, you can´t eat to help the process, not even a mere packet of crisps. I mean, yes you can, but you won´t see any English person doing it as according to them "Eating is cheating". 
And yes, they drink a lot. What you used to see at the Costa del Sol or Benidorm, they weren´t English people in their "holiday mood", it was just English people. Just make sure you don´t get too British on that.

So yes, some Spanish people is recommended to easy the process but just remember why you are here, and the opportunity you have to meet plenty of new people and cultures you would have never met in Spain. You would have never thought the amount of different cultures and communities coexisting in U.K. 

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward. So make sure you keep your family and friends close and connected to you but also keep your mind open to everything that is new just in front of you. Opportunities are to be taken.
Keep in mind that this is temporal and can be ended whenever you want so just enjoy it while it last, be it 6 months, a year or ten.

Don´t get stressed with the prices, they are very similar to the Spanish prices if you pay in pounds. Just work in getting a job as soon possible. England is not Spain but still, getting a job takes time. Don´t try to do it all at once, I will recommend: house, and then job or language school, depending on your needs and aims.

Be patient about the job, before and during it.

At the beginning you´ll feel lost and will miss a lot but I assure you, you´ll love the experience and will learn a lot from it. Thanks to it, you´ll become somewhat closer to the person you want to be. They say distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity.
And you won´t be alone, you´ll find good fellows and friends on the way, some of them will be in your life for good.

Good luck!

2 comentarios:

  1. This is hilarious and true! I especially loved the part where you say:"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward. So make sure you keep your family and friends close and connected to you but also keep your mind open to everything that is new just in front of you." Thank you for this blog post! While we can't really know what lies in front of us, we can definitely learn from our mistakes- and laugh about them later!

  2. This is so very true and I love the same quote that The European Mama has already pointed out