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La idea es aprender inglés a través de series, películas, vídeos, charlas, canciones y pequeños documentos teóricos que a mí me han ayudado a aclarar dudas comunes. Sin más, espero que os sea de ayude y disfrutéis. Un saludo!

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viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

One or two words?


All ready means "completely ready".

i.e: "Are you all ready for the test?"

Already (adverb) means "before the present time" or "earlier than the time expected".

I asked him to come to the cinema but he had already seen the film.
Are you buying Christmas cards already? It's only September!


All together (adverb) means "together in a single group."

i.e: The waiter asked if we were all together.

Altogether (adverb) means "completely" or "in total ".

i.e: She wrote less and less often, and eventually she stopped altogether.

("To be in the altogether" is an old-fashioned term for being naked! Como dios lo trajo al mundo.)


Any one means any single person or thing out of a group of people or things.

i.e: I can´t recommend any one of the books on this site.

Anyone means any person. It's always written as one word.

i.e: Did anyone see Big Brother yesterday?


Apart (adverb) separated by distance or time.

i.e: They split up (cortar una relación) last summer, they´ve been apart for three months now.

A part (noun) a piece of something that forms the whole of something.

i.e: They made me feel like I was a part of the family.


Every day. In this expression, every is a determiner and day is a noun.
When you say every day you mean each day without exception.

i.e: You have been late for school every day this week.

Everyday (adjective).
When you say everyday you mean ordinary, unremarkable.

i.e: My culture pages offer an insight into the everyday life of Britain.

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