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viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

Similar but not the same: Work and Job

Hello! I´m looking for a job! (or work?)

Let´s clear this up (aclarar una idea)

The difference between the words "work" and "job" can be a little bit tricky, so let´s work on it.
We tend to use it by instinct and that´s ok as long as you are right, but just so you are sure you are not making a mistake, let´s clarify their meanings. We are going to define each word and give you examples of it uses so you remember when to use each one.

Job is a noun. It´s defined as "a paid position of regular employment" (empleo, puesto).

Expressions with the word "job":

-This is my job.
-I don´t have a job at the moment, I´m jobless.
-Joblessness in Spain is reaching historic figures at the moment.
-"Jobs for the boys" is a slang/idiom that defines "the practice of giving paid employment to one's friends, supporters, or relations." (No idea of what this is in Spain.)

Work on the other hand can be a noun or a verb. It´s more commonly used as a verb.
It´s defined as the "activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result or as a means of earning incomes (como medio para recibir ingresos)
We know that it exits such a thing as unpaid positions but the aim of working is to get incomes.

Examples with the word "work":

-I´m at work, I´ll call you later.
-I´m off to work/ I´m going to work (estoy yendo al trabajo).
-I´m working on it (estoy trabajando en ello).
-She is a hard-worker.
-I work at Deloitte/ in the city centre.
-Are you working this weekend?
-What job do you have? I work as a plumber.

Work has also other meanings:

-a task or tasks to be undertaken (I can´t talk right now, I have work to do).

- a thing or things done or made; the result of an action.

- the complete artistic production of a particular author, composer, or artist (That exhibition shows Picasso´s earliest works.)

Other expressions:

-"work to rule".
follow official working rules and hours exactly in order to reduce output and efficiency, especially as a form of industrial action. (still, no idea what they are talking about).

-"work something off".
1 discharge a debt by working.
2 reduce or eliminate something by activity (I´m working my paperwork off.)

-"work out".
1 be capable of being solved.
2 develop in a good or specified way.
3 engage in vigorous physical exercise (He´s engaged with being healthy now. He goes to the gym every day to do work out (se usa también como nombre, trabajar en el cuerpo, hacer ejercicio físico)

-"work something out".
1 solve something.
2 plan something in detail.

I hope you feel more confident now when you use these words and people! keep trying with the job seeking. Good things come to those who wait! And for waiting I mean being patient, not literally sitting down and expecting for that dream job to knock on your door. Good luck and no matter what, keep learning and improving your English!

Let´s see how the Griffin family cope with the economic situation!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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