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La idea es aprender inglés a través de series, películas, vídeos, charlas, canciones y pequeños documentos teóricos que a mí me han ayudado a aclarar dudas comunes. Sin más, espero que os sea de ayude y disfrutéis. Un saludo!

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jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

That´s capital! (or Capitalization.)

When to use a capital letter?
Let´s go over it! Just in case...

We use capital letters: 

-For the first word of a sentence.
-For proper nouns.
-For the days of the week, the months of the year and special oCCasion days (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.)
-For brand names (Kleenex, Mars.)
-For acronyms (most of them): NASA, NATO.

-For the major words in the title of books, plays, films, works of art: Tha catcher in the Rye.
-For names of places and buildings: London, Paris, the Taj Mahal, Buckingham Palace.
-For adjectives derived from proper nouns: an English man, a Victorian house.
-For the pronoun I.
-For personal titles that come before the name: Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Captain, Reverend.
-For the first word in a line of poetry.

Do NOT use capital letters for the following:

-after colon (dos puntos).
-when talking about kings, queens presidents and generals in general, unless you are talking about an specific individual.
-for the seasons of the year.
-for compass points: north, south,...going north, heading south,..
(except when referring to specifics: the American Civil World was fought largely between the North and the South, the South Pole.)

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