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jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

The clues to a great story.

Andrew Stanton has made you laugh and cry with movies like Toy Story and WALL-E, he sure knows how to tell a story and in this TED talk he shares it with us.

I think this is the better talk I´ve come across in Ted. It contains great revelations about story telling and about life, that can also be extrapolate and applied to the social-media world in wich we are living in today. It can be used in the construction of the Internet image of your company and in the construction of the relationship with your audience.

A major threshold is passed when you mature enough to acknowledge what drives you, and to take the wheel and steer it.
I really firmly believe that you are born with a temperament and you are wired (programado) a certain way, and you don´t have any say about it. All you can do it´s learn to recognize it and own it (adueñarte de ello, hacerte cargo).

Enjoy it!

- ...and an old man nursing a beer: un hombre mayor cuidando de una cerveza.

- to point out: señalar (literal y figurado).

- punchline: gracia/remate de un chiste.

- that deepens (profundiza) our understandings of who we are as human beings.

- Mr Roger always carried in his wallet a quote from (una cita de) a social worker.

- probably the greatest story commandment (precepto/mandamiento) wich is make me care (haz que me importe).

- but something has caught you (atrapado) and you´re drawn in (involucrado) and you care (y te importa). That´s not by chance (eso no es por casualidad).

- So it got me thinking: así que me hizo pensar.

- and he is summoned (llamado, convocado) by his rich uncle.

- to pass away. morir.

- making a promise that this story will lead somewhere is worth your time (te llevará a un sitio que merece la pena/ que le deciques tu tiempo).

- A well told promise is like a pebble (piedrecita, chino) being pulled back in a slingshot (siendo estirada hacia atrás en un tirachinas) and propels you foward through the story to the end (te impulsa hacia adealnte a través de la historia hasta el final).

- It´s the most inclusive approach you can take: es el enfoque más inclusivo que puedes tomar.

- It confirmed something that I kind of have a hunch on (tener una corazonada), that the audience actually wants to work for their meal.

- We are born problem solvers (nacemos siendo solucionadores de problemas).

- engaging the audience: captando, atrayendo a la audiencia).

- Editors and screenwriters have known this all allong (todo el tiempo, desde el principio, fue frase del día, ¿recordáis?).

- widget (chisme, artefacto).

- all well-drawn characters have a spine: todos los personajes que están bien dibujados tienen una espina dorsal (una esencia).

- the character has un unconscious goal that they are striving for (to strive for something: esforzarse por lograr algo).

- Michael Corleone, his spine was to please his father (agradar a su padre).

- I took to this like a duck to water (take to something like a duck to water: to learn how to do something very quickly and to enjoy doing it).

-...but a major threshold is passed (pero un enorme umbral es transpasado...)

- and I was completely hooked on screenwriting (¡frase del día!)

- outcome: resultado.

- we were just a group of guys just going on our guts (siguiendo nuestros instintos).

- and I thought that epitomized (personificaba, tipificaba) perfectly...

- we had naively thought (habíamos inocentemente pensado).

- Off to bed: I´m going off to bed/ to work (me voy a la cama/ al trabajo...).

- We all live our lives conditionally, we´re all willing to play by the rules, as long as certain conditions are met.

- the vail was lifted: el velo era levantado.

- A strong theme is always running through a well-told story.

- you are compelled to pass it on (te ves forzado a compartirlo).

- the best stories infuse wonder: las mejores historias te infunden admiración, asombro.

- to pinpoint (localizar, ubicar con exactitud).

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