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miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

CoMMonly confused words (I)

As you all know the spelling is a tricky matter in English. Also happens that some words are very similar in spelling and meaning but not exactly the same. 
Here it´s a list of some of those words, so next time you bump into them, you don´t get in trouble! 
Have a good day!


Beside (preposition): next to, at the side of.

i.e: Can you hand me that book? It´s beside the lamp.

Besides (adverb) also, as well.
      (preposition) 'in addition to',

(adverb) He's responsible for sales, and a lot more besides.
(preposition) Besides tennis, I play soccer and basketball.


Clothes: something you wear (ropa)

i.e:Just a moment! Let me change my clothes.

Cloths: pieces of material used for cleaning or other purposes (trapo)

i.e: There are some cloths in the closet. Use those to clean the kitchen.


Last: (adjective) final, there is no more after this (último).

i.e: I took the last train home.

Latest: (adjective) most recent, new.

i.e: His latest book is excellent.
Have you seen his latest painting?


Lay/laid/laid: (verb) to put down flat something (tumbar algo).

i.e: He laid his pencil down and listened to the teacher.

Lie/lay/lain: (verb) to be lie down, in a lying position (tumbarse uno mismo, tenderse, acostarse).

i.e: The girl lay on the bed asleep.
At the moment, he's lying on the bed.


Lose (verb) to misplace, not win. (perder algo).

i.e: I lost my watch!

Loose (adjective) not tight (suelto, desatado, holgado).
           (verb) to release (soltar, desatar).
i.e: Your trousers are very loose!

If I lose any more weight, my clothes will be too loose.


Price (noun) what you pay for something (precio).

i.e: What's the price of this book?

Prize (noun) award (premio).

i.e: Tom hooper won the Academy prize as best director this year.


Award: (noun) premio.

i.e: He´s just received another award for his work.

Reward: (noun) compensación, recompensa.

i.e: A reward has been offered for anyone that can provide authorities with information about the suspect.


Quite (adverb): bastante.

i.e: This test is quite difficult.

Quiet: (adjective) the opposite of loud or noisy (tranquilo, silencioso)

i.e: Could you please be quiet?!


Some time: refers to an indefinite time in the future.

i.e: We should definetly meet for coffee some time.

Sometimes: (adverb) oCCasionally.

i.e: He sometimes works late.

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